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Using nutrition to unlock your body's potential to heal

Susan Linke, MBA, MS, RD, LD, CLT is a registered and licensed dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT)My goal is to help my clients optimize their health and restore their quality of life. I approach nutrition and healthcare from an integrative and functional perspective. This approach is firmly entrenched in the belief that the body has the capacity to heal itself if given the right tools and if the underlying causes of disease are addressed.Susan Linke, MBA, MS, LD, RD, CLT, CGP
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Food Sensitivities

Best Food Sensitivity Test: IgG vs MRT

LEAP Protocol for Food Sensitivities

I am off the injections and my hair is finally coming back to a full head of hair and I have eyebrows again...I took the LEAP MRT blood test. This one blood test showed what foods caused my body to break down causing inflammation and I stay on this food plan even now. This one test healed my leaky gut and allowed my head to heal....I may still miss my daily dose of fish and mushrooms but I would rather have hair! I have learned how to cook healthy food without things that made me sick.Gailclick here to read the full story
My 4yo son has battled severe eczema since he was 4mo. After doing the MRT test and following the LEAP diet, his skin has cleared up drastically. I went from using steroid creams and prescription medicines daily to occasionally and now seldomly, maybe once a month. THANK YOU, SUSAN!Mother of toddlerclick here to read the full story
Kristen has been so sick for so many years.  Now she has control over her IBS. She is preparing to go to college.  She is looking forward to moving on.  That is something she hasn’t been able to do for years. Thank you a million!  We can’t thank you enough.Kristen's Mother
LEAP gave me back my life. My symptoms stopped suddenly when I took my reactive foods out of my diet and I haven’t had a problem since.  That was 7 years ago!Maria